80% Energy Saving!! Cost for heating and Hot Water less than £1.00 per day!

Yes that’s right! 80%! Or can I put it another way? Would you like to be able to heat your new home for less than £1.00 Per Day? Not possible you say. Take a look at
this house:- 4000 sq ft in Malahide, Dublin. Cost for heating AND hot water in 2007- less than £1.00 Per Day (Natural Gas heating. No solar)

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How did they do it? With the IntegraSpec® ICF Building System thats how!

Various Web Sizes for Differing Concrete ThicknessInsert Cut View90 degree Corner UnitBrick Ledge Panel45 degree Corner Unit Standard Unit

What is IntegraSpec®?

IntegraSpec is an insulating concrete formwork (ICF) building system where your exterior walls are built with hollow, high density polystyrene “Blocks” which are subsequently filled with concrete one story at a time, providing you with all 3 of the main properties required for an energy efficient home.
● Excellent real life U Values
● Superb air tightness
● High thermal mass of insulated concrete.

These 3 combine to give the “ICF effect”

Other Benefits of an IntegraSpec ICF BuildingIntegraSpec Building

If 80% energy savings are not attractive enough on their own
consider a few more of the IntegraSpec advantages:-
● Very Fast Build
● Extremely Strong Structure
● Fantastic Sound Insulation
● Suitable for Rendered, Brick, Stone, Timber Cladding or almost any Exterior Finish
● Use any Floor Type
● Waterproof, damp proof, storm and fire proof.
● Easy plumbing and wiring
● Completely flexible design, superior wall strength even
allows for greater design scope

Already got your plans drawn/approved?

That’s not a problem. IntegraSpec is completely fl exible and can be adapted to your design. Send us your plans now for a quote.
Still not convinced. As the old adage goes “seeing is believing”. Give us a call and we will arrange for you to see a completed IntegraSpec project.

Do your plans include a Basement?

If so, we believe there simply is no better way to build your basement. Period. The same applies to swimming pools.
Suitable for all buildings:- Extensions, Apartments, Townhouses, Public, Commercial and Industrial. All the benefi ts mentioned already apply. The superior
sound proofi ng has particular application to buildings with party walls and air tightness is very relevant to Commercial/ Public buildings with the introduction of the latest building regulations.

See the system in action! View our gallery to have a look at various builds using this system.

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